The Ones Looking For Answers


“I said take this for what it is: I think you’re a tad bit prejudice against the ones like us who are looking for the answers.”

The above quote is a line from one of my favorite songs: Time Travel by Never Shout Never. I’m listening to it as I write this, and it got me thinking.

Maybe I’m missing the meaning of this song completely, but to me it’s rather accurate. There are so many people out there in the world who want to be something more than “average”. Maybe not as far as to continuously look for the “meaning of life” and whatnot, but to live it to the fullest. They want to know that there is something more out there for them than a small office job in the local insurance agency (not that there is anything wrong with having that career). They want to see the world, meet people, and leave behind a mark in the Earth when they’re dead and gone. It doesn’t really matter what way, exactly, they want to do it; by being a rockstar or some sort of musician, writer, inventor, actress, actor, healer, whatever. These people want to get the most out of the world.

Yet, for some reason, it seems to me that these people, myself included, keep getting rejected by society for this reason. It takes a lot of reaching out of our comfort zones to accomplish these careers, and when we do step even the tiniest bit away, it doesn’t always work out. Nobody wants to sell our work, and we get upset and quit. Maybe you’re the sensitive type (like me) and one hate message can send you overboard. When you’re one of those who are “looking for the answers”, you’re setting yourself up to get a lot of hate mail. We can get scared for our safety- just who, exactly, is looking at our videos on YouTube? Can they stalk me to my house? What if someone can track me to my exact location from the recent video I posted? Our minds start to freak the hell out, and we get overwhelmed and want to quit. Then there is always the original ol’ rejection that has been around for years: you’re just not good enough.

No matter what the reason, sometimes it seems like “the man in the sky” is telling us to stop trying by using events in life, like he’s saying that we just need to stay in our dead little town and live there, because that’s where we really belong. For some people, though, that’s not enough. They will never truly be happy with not having done anything spectacular with their life- whether it’s discovering the cure to cancer (I wish) or playing the guitar solo on stage that you dream about every night.

So why is it that us curious ones keep getting pushed away by the means of life? It would seem that our intentions are more likely to turn out for the best, so why is there all of this danger in wanting to do something different?

Maybe the man in the sky isn’t telling us that we should give up and go home, though. What if he is telling us that we have to fight for something that we really desire if we ever want to reach it, because if the privledges of life were handed to you on a silver platter, it really wouldn’t be anything special, in the end.

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An Introduction, Perhaps?

Hello there. My name is Lena Sofia (first name, not first and last). I’m very happy you’re visiting my blog. You see, this is where most bloggers give you a little insight as to what to expect from their website, but in all honesty, I don’t think there will be a definite theme to mine. I will post pictures I take, ramblings I write, and little stories about my day (that is what a blog post is, isn’t it?).

So, stay a while. Maybe you’ll find something interesting enough to read/watch/look at. You just never know.