The Surrounding

Are you the kind of person who enjoys writing in a coffee shop or library? Or do you prefer being in your home, in the comfort of your bed? I myself can write in most places, but I do love hitting up a Starbucks and getting a drink and just enjoying the atmosphere as I work on a story or article, and heaven knows I can NOT work outside if it’s seventy-five degrees or higher outside.

What about noise level? Do you like to have a playlist going on your iPod as you’re typing or absolutely no sound at all? Do you get happy when it starts to rain because the thunder and drops help your creative side come out?

I’m merely curious, that’s really the only point of this post. Let me know your perfect surrounding in the comments!


He’s Called The Doctor… but Doctor WHO?

As you fellow Whovians undoubtedly already know, Matt Smith will be ending his role as The Doctor this year. His character will regenerate after the Christmas special this December. Although I am glad he will be here for the 50th Anniversary special (and VERY glad David Tennant will be too!), I can’t help but feel devastated to see this version of our beloved Doctor go. We will have to say goodbye to fish fingers and custard, army boots, tweed coats, and let’s not forget… the very cool bow tie. I think one of the hardest parts is going to be seeing the new version of The Doctor take off that bow tie, not to be worn again… at least for a while.

That being said, who WILL be playing the Twelfth Doctor? Rumors have said it will be John Hurt, because of the ending of The Name of The Doctor episode that ended the most recent season, but I do not believe that’s the case. Moffat is too clever to let us figure out what he has planned, and if John would be taking over Matt’s role I don’t think Moffat would even let us get a peek of him.

I can’t think of anyone who would be fit for the role, at the moment. My friends and I have discussed who we would like to see, coming up with actors such as Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Radcliffe, but we know that would never happen. So WHO will it be?

Let me know in the comments who you would like to see play the part!

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