The Art of Letting Go

You send out a “hey” but don’t get a response.

Someone texts you a “hey” but you have to fight and keep from replying to them.

The world seems to expect every person to be able to cope with letting go of someone. It happens to everyone at least once in their lives. Whether it be because of death or because you had to cut ties with another for your better being, it’s bound to be part of your life. And it hurts. It can hurt a lot.

Sometimes you don’t want it to happen. That usually involves a lot of tears, and confusion. Maybe your friend has dropped you without any explanation and now just avoids you, despite your many attempts to keep in touch. Or maybe they slowly drifted away, and you knew it had been coming for a while, but still couldn’t understand exactly why when it did.

Or maybe it was at your fault. That usually involves a lot of guilt and stress. It may be better for you in the long run, because this person was dragging you down, but with their constant texts or phone calls it’s so hard to say no, because of things that have happened between the two of you in the past or you’re just a genuinely good person and hate to say goodbye in such a cruel way. Sometimes, though, it has to be done.

You may not get over this for a while. Maybe not ever, even. You may still carry around a piece of that person for years and years. Others it may be easier and you’ll have them off of your mind in a few months. While you may never forget them, sometimes it’s best to let them go.


Procrastination is my Profession

Why do I do this to myself.

It’ll be ten pm on Sunday night and the paper is due the next day. I was given the assignment a week and a half ago. Did I use my time wisely and work on it in my free time like I said I would so I could avoid all of the stress I am now experiencing? No. Of course I didn’t. Instead I went on tumblr and twitter and YouTube and read and wrote other things because I am an idiot.

I wish I new a way to stop this vicious cycle I constantly put myself through. I wish there was a remedy. Seeing as there’s not, I must now go and work on finishing the book I have yet to read for English class that is supposed to be done by tomorrow.