What I Think of Blurryface

So I’ve been asked by a surprising amount of people what I think of the new music from my favorite band, twenty one pilots.

Unlike some fans, I wasnt worried. Only merely curious. When Fairly Local was released, I was not disappointed. Tyler Joseph seems to know me better than anyone else I know. I have been trying to explain that it sometimes feel like I’m not in control for ages. It feels like I’m not the one who does some of the things that I do, like there’s another person who shuts the real me away and takes over for a while. In my opinion, that’s part of what the boys are portraying with Blurryface. The way they make his eyes red, the way they blame him for being evil… It brought me to tears when I first heard it. They just understand. They get it. They get how hard it can be just to wake up even when there’s not something life-threatening facing you. And it’s very relieving to have that in my life, where many things are not understood. I usually get pointed at or laughed at or teased or even yelled at for the way I am. Tyler doesn’t do that, because he knows what it’s like. They’re quite the duo, actually. Tyler tells me it’ll be okay and shows me he knows what I’m going through, and then there’s Josh to make me smile. They’re like the best medicine I could ask for. I look up to them infinitely.

If you haven’t heard the new music, I recommend doing so. The songs are called Fairly Local, Tear in My Heart, and Stressed Out. Hopefully there will be another release soon! The album releases on 15 May and tickets for the Blurryface tour are on sale now.