My Experience With Neon Trees

So, I can wholeheartedly say that yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

I’ve been listening to Neon Trees since eighth grade. They’ve gotten me through a lot of times in the way that their music makes me happy. I can be having the worst day and put on an album, then suddenly I’m dancing. And it makes me feel better. I saw them my freshman year of high school for my birthday with my two best friends Anna and Amber, and we had an absolute blast. So, naturally, when I discovered that they would be coming back (FINALLY) to my city this year, I bought tickets. They actually ended up serving as a birthday present for both my friend Sean and my cousin Anna, and we were all really excited to go. We’ve all been so excited for the show, but we didn’t really expect for what happened to happen.

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with music and concerts. It’s what I live for. And I like to get in line early. So, I picked my friends up and we headed to the venue and eleven thirty in the morning. It was already up to eighty degrees by then, and after only half an hour we were dying. I have a troubling breathing condition, so I couldn’t even stand up for more than a few minutes at a time. There was one guy who was walking around all over the neighborhood, talking about how he KNOWS the band and how he’s “on the guest list” (my friends and I have decided to get shirts with that phrase on it because he repeated it over and over and it was so obvious that he was lying). Other than that, nobody else got there until two thirty, and I think my friends wanted to stab me.

When the first car pulled up, I immeidately felt my heart drop. I never get along with other fans. Like, ever. I get very jealous and possessive of the bands because I’m a nutcase. This was actually not the case with these girls. We had a blast with them, and they immediately morphed into our group. We hung out and danced with them all night, got each other’s numbers, and are planning to meet up a couple more times this summer. That was really neat. It was easier to pass the hours bonding with each other. Sean and I tweeted the lead singer, Tyler Glenn, all day, showing him pictures of our horrific sunburns gained as battle scars during the wait.

We met both opening bands, and they were so impressed we knew who they were. Alex Winston is literally my queen, and she was such a sweetheart when she saw we had tweeted her how badly we wanted a picture. Our large group got in a line with her, and it was great.

Eventually, after a pretty non-productive day, seven rolls around and we are finally let inside. I’m up right where I want to be, dead center and against the barricade. The opening acts both gave our group shout outs for being their first fans, and it was so awesome. We were all already having so much fun.

Neon Trees came out about two hours later, and I lost my mind.

When I saw them last, we had pretty far away seats. Now, Tyler was so close that when I reached out I could touch his leg. He grabbed my hand a couple times, and it was so great. I was having a really hard time staying conscious, though. I think because of all the heat and screaming and standing, I was seriously testing my limits. I didn’t wanna miss any of the show, though, because I mean they could see me and I wanted to show off how much I loved them. So I breathed heavy and did this half-hearted dance while mouthing the lyrics but not actually singing them. At one point I started crying (shocking) really bad. I’ve been having a really, really tough time with life lately. I wake up and do everything I can to go back to sleep. I have dark thoughts. And it’s like hearing Tyler say that if I work hard enough I can achieve anything, I felt better. I realized that in this moment right now, I was so happy, and as I remembered all of the times this band has made me happy when I was in a terrible mood… Hearing the songs made me super emotion. The bassist, Brandon, saw me crying and blew me a kiss, which was adorable and made me cry harder. He then brought over his sweat rag and handed it to me, and I was shaking. It was crazy. Tyler grabbed my hand and had me bring him up so he can stand on the barricade. I was on cloud nine.

When the show ended, I sobbed more.

we went outside the tour bus, and honestly I didn’t really expect anyone to come out and say hey. I knew they were exhausted. But lo and behold, out steps Tyler Glenn, and then he’s hugging me super tightly.

i was shaking uncontrollably.

He grabbed my ticket and wrote “courage!” on it, and it was great. He got a picture with me last, and as I was waiting Amber grabbed my shoulders and said, “DONT CRY YET. GET YOUR PICTURE FIRST.”

And I did. And then Tyler gave me his sweat rag and said he appreciated our tweets.

and I’m still dead.


One thought on “My Experience With Neon Trees

  1. I am so happy that you and Anna and your friend had so much fun. I have a feeling you will take the sweat rag everywhere. Even on vacation? LOL! Happy for you.

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