My friend sent me this and said I could post it if I rewrote it

I saw you at a concert the other night for the first time

I was surprised by what I saw

I wasn’t sure what to expect,
Maybe a really excited you or a crazy you,
But in reality you weren’t either of those things.

At first, while we were waiting for the show to start, you looked so uncomfortable, so panicked.
all of those people were choking you, and you couldn’t breathe, and there was no music to distract you except for the instrumental the venue was playing
You had your eyes shut tight and you were struggling not to cry,
But then the lights dimmed and they walked out.
You opened your eyes,
And you laughed
A laugh of relief,
A laugh of love and happiness

You were looking at this band with such admiration,
That it was almost more enjoyable to watch you watching them than watch them myself.

You’d seen them before, I know
But you’d think this had been the first,
What with the way you would look so surprised every time they played a song

Towards the end, I got kind of worried

You started to cry at the second to last song
And I wanted to know what was wrong

But then I noticed
You still had that admiration in your eyes,
And every once in a while your smile would flicker back
I realised you were just remembering the times you had heard this song
And remembering how it had helped you,
Like you told me it did before

During the finale, your hand went in the air, reaching toward the band members
And you looked so heartbreakingly happy
And the lights from the stage reflected your tears
But you didn’t care for once that anyone could see them

At the end of the show, you screamed thank you over and over and held up a sign that said the words themselves on it
And I thanked them too
Because anyone who helps someone like they seemed to have helped you
Deserves to be thanked


To feel the wind against my closed eyes
to feel eyelashes flutter against my cheeks
To be surrounded by this dark
To fall into this dream
To try and find another way
to understand with no doubt
To not fear another day
to not wish to be out
To find out how the wind does scream
To see and not be sad
As depressing as the reflection seems
It wouldn’t be so bad
To feel the wind beneath my feet
To feel or feel no more
To be surrounded by peaceful silence
is what I’m wishing for.

Heart of Losing

I have been in the same spot for so very, very long

Nothing has changed

and it’s driving me crazy


It seems like you’ve always been gone

Neither one of us to blame

but the hurt isn’t fading


Why is it

that I can’t help but love you

when you don’t even see me?


Why is it

that I care so much though, even if you did know,

we would never be able to be?


I sit here alone,

always wishing you were here.


I put my head in my hands

open my mouth to scream

but nothing comes out

the sound gets lost with the wind in the trees.

I put my pen to the paper

in attempt to get it all down,

always end up putting it off for later

because the words could never be found…

Oh Hey I Got Frustrated and Wrote This

This isn’t even jealousy

This is just anger

You know you’re not as clever as you think

Everybody knows you weren’t the one who wanted him first

I don’t understand how you can still call yourself my friend

I could be happy during the day but you ruin it all by the end

You know, it almost makes me want to laugh

You’ll pretend to understand, no doubt you’ll laugh back

To try and take the one you know I’ve wanted to call mine for years

He’s told me he wouldn’t take you anyway, so I don’t know what’s with all of these tears

I wouldn’t be able to blame you, if I knew your feelings were real

But I know you just want him because of me, and it wasn’t until me that you found appeal

I’ll pretend I don’t notice, that’s the kind of person I am

I think overall it’s the fact that I can’t have him either that really makes me sad