I Guess I Should’ve Shared

Throughout the years, I have been an introvert when it comes to writing (I’m sort of an introvert in general, but that’s more of a recent thing). It’s rather rare for me to hand out something I’ve worked on, and if I do I stress out the entire time my pages are in the possession of someone else. What do they think? Am I super pathetic? What if they show someone else? What if they steal the idea and become super famous and everyone loves them? What if they just ignore it?

This past year, I’ve gotten a bit better about that. I care a lot about my manuscript because of how hard I’ve worked on it, and I want it to be the best it can be. So I’ve put my worries to bed and locked the bedroom door for now (the best I can, anyway; I try my hardest to ignore when they start knocking for me to let them back out). I’ve asked friends to read my story.

This has not gone greatly.

I cannot find enough people to be readers. I’ve sent the manuscript to three people who agreed to take a look at it for me so far. One of the readers was absolutely fantastic, though her feedback was compliments, which was nice, but I wanted help for improvement on the story. Another reader is doing well, she’s being super picky (as requested), but with school she’s super busy and I get replies for each chapter about twice a month. The other reader has not opened the email. I would ask my family, but the only readers in my family are busy or scoffed at me when I asked them.

I’m not sure what to do about it all yet. I may just have to proofread it to my best ability and hope that it’s enough.